We hope you had the much-needed rest. Schools re-opened a few weeks ago in an activity filled first term, including the launch of the Grade 4 curriculum, reporting of form ones and learners registering for National Examinations.

At SBM school, the rush associated with back-to-school was not pronounced as we offer free education to 345 children this year, among those are needy orphans and students who live in deplorable conditions, we provide them with all the school stationery needed like textbooks, exercise books, pens, pencils, rubbers, mathematical instruments including full school uniforms and P.E Kits and many other items. These pupils are the lucky ones as we are oversubscribed annually for the available places on offer at SBM School.

With SBM School “A” Team as Mary calls us in place we were raring to go. The first few weeks of a new school year can be very tempting. Pupils take some time to familiarise themselves with the new class, some newly admitted pupils as well as a few new teachers in school. This is the time to lay new targets and strategies on how to perform well, the time to reflect and make forecasts.

The new competency – based curriculum (CBC) has entered the 4th grade this year. Training of teachers for that grade has been happening since 2019 & we thank our directors Kevin & Mary Maguire and our donor family as all our teachers are CBC compliant and teaching and learning materials were long delivered in SBM School. All our students were very excited transitioning to a new year and a new class.

For our younger children in Pre-primary 1 (PP 1), this is the first time they’re joining school. For those in standard eight, this is the beginning of their last year in Primary school.

In our back-to-back edition we interviewed a few pupils who have joined class 8 and took us down memory lane. Margastone Kazungu, Leah Masha and Hezron Karisa had something to say. What was their first day at school like? What fears did they have for other pupils in junior classes?

“It took me a whole month to learn how to write,” Says Leah Masha. Today she finds it hard to believe that writing was an impossible challenge at the time. “ I was told that class 7 is the toughest,” says Margastone Kazungu. All that turned out to be false once he crossed those bridges as right now Margastone is one of the many promising students in terms of academic enquiry.

Margastone however insists that each class is manageable, but it’s important to approach each new level with added levels of seriousness. As the three are now in their final class, each has a strategy to finish strong.

Leah is excited about joining a boarding high school after completing K.C.P.E so she plans to play less and exercise self- discipline and already has an advanced self-study timetable that enables her to give attention to each subject equally.

As they prepare to bid farewell to primary school, they each hold clear special memories and beautiful experiences at SBM and thus encourage each other and other learners to work extra hard and enjoy their time at each level. Our PP1 & PP2 classes are just beginning the journey!!

In a nutshell, despite the fears that every student could be struggling with this new year, we the teachers focus on enabling our learners learn new things, making new memories and assisting them in conquering the obstacles each learner may be facing. Most importantly, we all embrace and appreciate the growth that comes with the new steps.

As the new year begins, Madam Jane & myself wish all our SBM learners the very best in their new classes. We will encourage both our teachers and students to work hard, give their best always and the rest will follow. They have all it takes to succeed.

God bless.

By Jairus Kyalo - St Bernadette Mary School Head Teacher

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