Since the opening of our McKenna Transition House in 2014 every January our teenage children make the journey across the compound as the next step to adulthood and at the age of 18 leaving The Good Life Orphanage.

This year Saumo, Brain, Hassan & Elvis moved out of their prospective houses for the past ten years into their new home. All four were very excited as this is a sign that they are becoming adults but they will have to behave in a more grown up manner as well.

In the McKenna Transition House they learn to cook, wash & iron their clothes, study independently and make sure the house is a clean environment for them to live in, all done under the watchful eye of Mama Stella. They also learn how to budget for their shopping and go to the markets so they know the prices of their shopping. The majority of our children have no extended families to guide them when they leave so this is very important.

This year Father Gabriel Dolan attended the celebration and gave the four children a blessing after prayers. The Mamas & Aunties are all present to wish the children success in their new home but still ensure they are setting a good example to the younger children. They still worry about them and hope they do not cause trouble as it reflects on how they have been brought up whilst in their houses.

Over the next 12 months the new occupants of McKenna Transition House will become fully conversant with all aspects of taking care of themselves as many will be heading to boarding high school once they complete their K.C.P.E. Examinations. The day starts early as they need to prepare their breakfasts whilst making sure their uniforms are clean and their rooms are tidy.

For Mama Stella, its four new members of her family who need guidance and support as they learn new life skills which will carry them when they leave the security of The GLO gates at 18 years old.

A special word of thanks to Jackie & Dermot McKenna for their unfaltering support in making this possible and allowing the teenagers to develop into well rounded adults. The McKenna Transition House is a crucial part of our project and we believe gives our children that extra knowledge to deal with with the demands & challenges of life outside The GLO.