Celebrating a house birthday is a very special occasion and today Kilroe House celebrated their special day. Mama Tuta returned for her annual leave to celebrate with the children.

The birthday cake was ordered and once the GLO children & staff returned from church the festivities began. Every child received a birthday present from Valentine, these gifts have been donated during the year and kept aside for this special day.

Jamie was very happy to receive his gift from Valentine, for our GLO children these gifts mean so much. Once the gifts were given to the children they all enjoyed cake & soda with Mama Tuta.

Once everyone had their cake & soda there was a quick turnaround as the children prepared for their trip to the beach. This is a special treat for our children and all were looking forward to swimming in the Indian Ocean.

Thank you to the Kilroe Family for their continuing support in making this possible. Mama Tuta & Auntie Angela ensure the children are well care for as they continue their journey to adulthood in The Good Life Orphanage.