My name is Melisa Riziki, I am approximately twelve years old and live in Keogh house at the Good Life Orphanage. As the eldest girl in our house I usually help mum and aunty in doing house chores as I practice to perfect my life skills. I came to The GLO as a toddler and have been here for over ten years.

Here at the orphanage everything is okay apart from the changes in our way of life brought by Corona Virus. Personally I have to wear a face mask, wash my hands often and maintain physical and social distancing. I feel it has greatly limited the numbers of games we used to play however our caregivers together with the entire children came up with a daily program which guides us throughout the week.

I am currently in class five and very worried I may be forced to repeat the class since I have been home almost the whole year (since mid-March) and chances to resume school are not yet defined due to corona virus. However, I still manage to have time with my books during my free time and attend classes at the learning space through television channel.

As at now there are number of things I have missed most as a result of the measures put in place to avoid corona virus infection. These include: community walks, morning runs, going to school, church, birthday parties & trips and not forgetting seeing Papa Kevin and Mama Mary.

A big thanks to all those who continue to support us through these strange times.
God Bless you so much.
Lots of love from Melisa.

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