My name is Rama Faida a 14-year old boy residing at the Good Life Orphanage. I am a Form One student at Malindi high school in Kilifi county. However, I have been home since mid-March because of the Covid-19. I thank God none of us at the orphanage have been infected by the virus.

Precautions were provided by the Ministry of Health and we are adhering to them though at the initial days, it seemed weird wearing a mask (it was my first time to use such) washing my hands often was something I didn’t enjoy I felt disturbed though I got used to it in the long run. I have tried to avoid being idle by helping with the home chores, farm work and also being serious with my school work studies whereby I learn through online classes.

Being at home for nearly eight months has been quite tedious because most of the privileges have been withdrawn for our own safety. For instance, community walks, going for home visits and going for swimming. I have mostly missed my high school classmates, outings together with the educational trips and my friends whom were reunited with their families but that doesn’t give me much worries because the most important thing is that am safe and out of infection.

Many thanks to the Maguire family and all our donors who have been supporting us more also the management who have been taking care of us during these strange times. May you live long and may your pockets never get dry. May God bless you abundantly.

Let us all join hands and be each other brother’s keeper. Let’s not forget the Almighty God and say a solemn prayer day and night. Let us put our face masks, wash our hands with soap often, maintain social and physical distancing as recommended by the ministry of health.
Regards Rama.

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