With our high school pupils back at The GLO and the SBM School pupils all enjoying their Easter holidays the heavens opened signalling the beginning of the long rains. This means the Shamba is the busiest place as Sammy & Kennedy plant the seeds and pray for a good crop. The children love to help, many of them hope to be able to self-sufficient by growing crops when they leave The GLO so learning these skills are so important, as always we are planning for their future.

Paul in particular enjoys helping Sammy & Kennedy, he is so interested in agriculture and has a good understanding of when and how to plant various vegetables. He is also very keen to learn all aspects of animal husbandry paying attention to breeding, feeding and housing our chickens & cows. We are confident this is the vocational course he will follow when he leaves SBM School. There are many sustainable agricultural courses in the colleges in Kilifi County so he will be able to attend one of the local ones.

For the older children attending high school Easter holidays is a time for them to discuss their performances and voice any concerns they have. We have noticed from their end of term examination results and reports that many are struggling with Mathematics & Science so Madam Jessica has been giving them extra tuition in these subjects. They are very grateful as they realise they have an opportunity to get better grades next term.

It’s not all working in Shamba or cramming in extra studies, the children also enjoyed time on their bicycles and even Mama Mapenzi joined in the fun, it is wonderful to see them participating in these games and not sitting in front of a screen. We encourage the children to play and also to use what is available, no need for Nintendo Switches to have a good time.

Thanks to a very generous donation from The Connaughton Family Easter Sunday was a very special day, Mbuzi Pilau was on the lunch menu followed by cake & sodas. Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions we could not go to the beach but we have some special days in our diary once they are lifted.

We take this opportunity to thank all our supporters for their ongoing generosity, The Good Life Orphanage continues to grow and develop thanks to you all.

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