By Fraire Nyale – GLO Social Worker
Celebrating the Day of the African Child 2021 was a quieter affair than previous years due to the current Covid-19 restrictions in Kenya but we managed to mark this auspicious occasion at The Good Life Orphanage on 16th June. Usually all the Charitable Children’s Institutes in Kilifi County gather to celebrate together but 2020 & 2021 are very different years.

The children gathered together to speak about their rights and responsibilities with key emphasis on the right to Education which sadly is not accessible to many Kenyan children. All agreed that things need to change so they can live in an Africa fit for children, at The GLO & SBM School they are so lucky to live and be educated in an environment where children’s rights are respected.

Our children also participated in writing some short messages as part of celebrating the day. The children all received a gift to mark the day and a special lunch which all enjoyed. They are very aware of social injustices and made a pact to make a difference to the lives of the African Child in their future careers.

For Elvis who has now completed his education at SBM School and is soon moving onto vocational training the message was especially poignant as he has access to this path unlike many other children, Elvis hopes to become a chef and is very keen to embark on the next step by attending college.

We hope & pray that the dreams of our children become reality and it is indeed an Africa fit for children.

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