Brenda Mzungu is one of our eldest girls at the Good Life Orphanage, she is now 16 years old. Ever since she joined the orphanage on 23rd October 2008, Brenda’s life has seen so many changes and thankfully all for the better.

Brenda was initially a very troubled child due to physical abuse she suffered under the hands of her abusive single mother who was struggling to meet the needs of her five children. The environment of her home was not safe as they were living in a rental house and their mother used the place to sell palm wine, none of her elder sisters attended school. The children were identified to be at risk of abuse hence rescued by some good Samaritans who reported their plight to the children’s department.

Eventually Brenda was placed at the Good life Orphanage while the rest of her siblings were taken to another Institution, a bone of contention for Mama Mary & Papa Kevin as they believed al siblings should be kept together. At this time there were no proper guidelines guiding placement of Children in Charitable Children’s Institutions, it is good to see that has changed and now Kilifi County has one of the most forward thinking Children’s Department in the country.

Over the years, Brenda has gradually changed to a very disciplined and hardworking girl who always does her best in everything. She performed very well in her K.C.P.E. Examinations scoring 359 points and gained a place in Kombeni Girls School which is one of the best girls’ school in the Coastal Region. She loves science and believes she could make a career in that field.

As Brenda returns to Form 2 at Kombeni Girls School we wish her well, a special word of thanks to our sponsors who make this all possible and to our dedicated GLO & SBM School Staff who have help transform a very troubled young girl into a well mannered, happy young lady. We salute you all as it is very much a team effort in giving our GLO children the best chance available to make that journey so they can escape the poverty circle.

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