Following the nine month forced closure of SBM School due to nationwide Covid-19 restrictions in Kenya our current Class 8 pupils are having to step up to the mark as they study for their K.C.P.E. Examinations in March 2022. Gone is the long holiday period at Christmas with just one week closure over Christmas this year.

To ensure the pupils are prepared for their K.C.P.E. Examinations our school management decided to team up with other schools in the area. From the 15th to 17th of September we held joint examinations with five other schools in Mtwapa. We had a teacher exchange scheme in which the schools send and in turn received teachers to administer and mark the examinations. The schools were Bahari Parents Academy, Young Graduates School, Kings Preparatory School, Chink Academy and The Imara School.

The total students who sat for the examination were 119. The best overall student came from our school, Moses Nduni with 440 marks. We produced five students in the top 10, SBM School beat all the other schools in Social Studies/Religion and Kiswahili with mean scores of 77% and 75% respectively. Overall, we attained position 2 with a class mean of 339. It also highlighted that we need to put extra emphasis on our Mathematics and English studies as some of the other schools performed better in these two core subjects.

The prize giving ceremony was held at Kings preparatory school on Friday, 17th Sep from 3pm where the most meritorious students in various subjects were awarded. The best subject teachers also gave the students valuable pieces of advice.

We are planning for furture dates where we can have these joint examinations, it is a good marker of our strong & weak subjects and also a great opportunity for the pupils and staff to mix with like minded people. All want the best for their schools and we are very proud of the achievements of SBM School.