Christmas Day has always been a very special day at The Good Life Orphanage since opening our doors in April 2008. This year the tradition was carried on, the children dressed in their best clothes and the Mamas cooked a Pilau to celebrate the birth of Jesus. They also attended Church for the first time since the lockdown in March 2020.

After a very tasty pilau and a soda every child received a gift which they really loved. A cake was also ordered and the children enjoyed a slice of the Kenyan version of Christmas Cake which is very sweet & colorful.

With the new rules regarding our children being placed back with their extended families we did not forget these children either. On Christmas Eve Hemed, Fraire and Eluid visited all these families in Kilifi County and gave them a food package including a chicken & for each child a present for Christmas.

All the families were so grateful and appreciate that we have not forgotten about them even though they no longer live at The GLO. The children living with their extended families are all doing well and have adjusted to life back in the villages.

We thanks all our sponsors and our donors who make this possible, without your support we could not assist so many. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, and Good Health & Prosperity in 2022.

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