Deborah Kaingu comes from a humble family of eight children and she is the sixth born child. She is twenty-three years old with three sisters and four brothers. Sadly Deborah’s father has mental health issues so their sole breadwinner has been their mother who hawks vegetables and fruits. They also do some farming where they grow maize and cassava and have two local cows. Deborah three elder sisters all married very young due to the challenges at home while her two elder brothers are jobless after finishing Class 8 whilst her two younger siblings are still in school.

Deborah joined the GLO vocational training programme in January 2020. By then, she had stayed at home for three years after sitting for her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam in 2017 but failed to proceed to high school because of the financial challenges. She did very well in her training period despite the fact that COVID-19 made them to stay at home for almost eight months and finish the training after two years instead of the routine one year.

Zuhura her tailoring teacher describes her as the most reliable trainee in the 2020/2021 class as she never disappointed her with any task assigned. She did her final tailoring course exam on 10th December, 2021. To award her dedication and hard work Deborah was presented with a sewing machine. She is now erecting a structure near the road at her home so that people will see what she is doing, then she can attract more customers and make a living from her new venture.

We appreciate the ongoing support offered towards our vocational training, as we know Deborah is an example of the many youths who will benefit and be able to become independent after finishing their tailoring course. A special thanks to the Leadbeater Family who have set up this annual award in memory of their mother who sadly passed away in December 2018, we are very grateful.

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