As you may have realised we do not usually post many updates from our Therapy & Respite Centre due to the sensitive nature of the work our Occupational Therapists are doing. We are breaking that rule today as we would like to tell you all about Brian Kemaru. Brian came to our attention in March 2021 after a referral from Mtepeni Health Centre.

Brian was the 2nd born child to very dedicated parents who realised at 1.5 years old he was having issues with mobility and reaching his milestones. After a home visit from our OT Endricah and our Social Worker Fraire he was deemed suitable for attending our Therapy & Respite Centre. On admission our OT’s noticed Brian was also malnourished so he was referred to Mtwapa Health Centre for the management of the malnutrition as we addressed the delayed developmental milestones. Brian’s mother attended his twice weekly appointments and also the nutritional clinic with very positive results, she learnt how Brian should exercise
between appointments.

Brian can now walk independently and his speech has also developed very well. He is a very confident young toddler now and his parents are so grateful for the support he has received from our Therapy & Respite Centre. We are also so happy to have been part of Brian’s journey, he can gain admission to primary school when he reaches 4 years old without any health issues as a result of attending our clinic.

We have over 80 children now attending the Therapy & Respite Centre, every month more children are coming to be assessed. As the majority are very poor they cannot access treatment in the hospitals due to fees and transport costs, many of the mothers work as casual labourers on farms so taking a day off work to bring the child to the hospitals in Kilifi or Mombasa is impossible.

We thanks our very generous sponsors for making this all possible, to see the difference in Brian is such a joy to behold.

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