By Fraire Nyale – GLO Social Worker
On the 22nd of April 2022, Madam Ann and I accompanied ten of our GLO children including: Rama Faida, Raymond Melisa, Frank Mutua, Elvis Uhuru, Grace Lulu, Timothy Johari, Michael Furaha, Angel Akinyi ,Brendan Nyambane and Amanda Nuru to Majengo Makio Social hall for a children activity named Kenya Children Assembly. Together with other 53 children from different organizations and CCIs formed the Kilifi South Sub County delegates who represented the larger number of children in the entire sub-county. Our children formed part after an invitation by the sub county children officer who chaired the activity.

The United Nation on the Rights and of the Child (UNCRC), the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child ACRWC the Children Act 2001 and the Kenya Constitution (2010) stipulates that children have the right to form and air views, conscience and religion, right to expression, right to thought, and right to association amongst others. Participation, along with the right to survival, development and protection make the four principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Kenyan Constitution in the chapter on bill of rights also visualises aspects of Child participation in the rights for children, It is on these frameworks that the Kenya Children Assembly was established way back in 2011 and such Kilifi South Sub-County Kenya Children Assembly had to be established thus the event held on 22nd of April 2022.

The Children Assembly will act as a unifying organ that will bring all children from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds and as children interact, they will learn to respect and appreciate their diversities. This also forms a platform to enhance cohesion and a sense of nationalism. In addition, the Kenya Children Assemblies provide for an opportunity to communicate the Government policies/guidelines and development plans down to children in the village and get feedback through the devolved structures. Similarly, the recommendations and outcomes of debates at the Children Assemblies are channeled to the County Government and the Central Government.

The children had a lengthy discussion on their rights and responsibilities which served as a reminder to our chidren.The children were also made to understand the motto, objectives ,core values and lastly the structure of the Kenya Children Assembly thus formation of the leadership of Kilifi South Sub-County Children Assembly. Some of our children had interest in some of the elective posts including Raymond Melissa,Rama Faida,Grace Lulu,Brendan Nyambane and Timothy Johari. The elections were very competitive thus among them Only Raymond Melisa was voted in as the Deputy Sergeant at Arms while Brendan Nyambane and Timothy Johari got direct entries into committee member under protection pillar and committee member under survival pillar respectively. This was so since they had no competitors considering their age. Despite Lawrence being absent he was given a direct nomination to serve as committee member under the development pillar. The newly formed children leaders will at times in future be required to attend seminars to be taught more of their duties among other topics.

This was the first time our children were taking part in such an activity which they really enjoyed. Grace mentioned to vie again in the next elections after a term (2 years) is over. Personally I learnt a lot with regards to the entire concept of children assembly and what takes place on such a day. I got the privilege to form part of the committee under the department of children services who will form part of the planning of the children Assembly Activities at the Sub-County Level.