By Hemed Jumaa – GLO Operations Manager

We have continued with efforts to gradually expand and equip the Hattie’s House therapy department to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. We are grateful to our supporters for the changes we have made so far. This department is now employing four staff on full time basis, one caregiver, two occupational therapists and one special education practitioner along with our Social Worker who spends 50% of his time now at Hattie’s House.

Margret has worked with us for the longest period. She previously worked in other departments including the farm as a farm helper and the houses as a floating house aunt. Here is what she had to say about herself and working at the Hattie’s House Therapy Department. “My name is Margaret Kadenge. I work at the Hattie’s House Therapy Center as a caregiver. I enjoy working here because the welfare of the clients and their primary caregivers is my key responsibility and whenever they are happy because of the services I have offered them, I feel great satisfaction. I want them to enjoy the time they spend within the facility especially for those who come for respite care services. I speak the same dialect like most of them so I love talking and giving them hope. I aspire to make a positive change in the lives of the children with disability and their caregivers by creating a friendly environment with the best hygienic standards and serve delicious balanced meals so that they enjoy coming for therapy. Our client’s satisfaction has always been my joy”.

Endricah Musiomi is one of our Occupational Therapists, she is very focused and kind with the children coming for therapy. “I am Endricah Musiomi, an occupational therapist who is optimistic and very passionate about my career. I love working at the Hattie’s house therapy center, it gives me joy whenever I see our clients gradually achieving the developmental milestones. I aspire to be part of the growth of this department as we ensure that we take care of our clients holistically from creating awareness to offering quality services and taking care of their psychological wellbeing. I also aspire to empower the community with the right information and knowledge that relates to disability inclusion ranging from cognitive to physical disability. Putting a smile on our clients’ and caregivers’ faces has always been my ambition”.

The third staff member is Brenda Moraa. She is also an occupational therapist and this is what she had to say. “I am Brenda Moraa, an occupational therapist. I come from Nyanza region of Kenya. My aspiration as an occupational therapist is to promote, maintain and restore functional independence skills in order to improve the quality of life of our clients. Working at Hattie’s house therapy center gives me an opportunity to reach out to many people who still do not know what occupational therapy is and what we do in order to help people with disabilities through occupational therapy”.

Our latest staff to join the team is Agnes Medza who joined us in May this year. Agnes is a very resourceful person on matters of disability having worked in this field for over a decade. Below is what she shared about herself and this department
“I am Agnes Mwandenge, a special needs practitioner having worked with children with various categories of special needs for 12 years. I worked as a teacher and as an advocate for persons with disabilities. Currently working at the Hattie’s house therapy center as a teacher where I am very much passionate to see the children breaking their limits in acquiring knowledge and skills in life to make them independent in future. Working in this department inspires me to change the parent’s perception on disabilities and make them see the children first before the disability through awareness creation”.

Another integral team player is Fraire Nyale who is our GLO Social Worker who now spends 50% of his working day dealing with issues relating to Hattie’s House Therapy Centre. Fraire is very experienced in his field and is an asset to developing this department. “My name is Fraire Kiti Nyale working for the Good life Orphanage. I am a professional socialworker working with and for children and their families. I am passionate about my work and often results-oriented. My ability to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis makes me achieve daily work goals. I believe the roles that I play together with my colleagues at the Hattie’s House Therapy & Respite Centre will help create a society that loves and cares for children with disabilities without any kind of discrimination and do away with the negative stereotypes and attitudes linked to disability.”

We are grateful to have such a wonderful and passionate team of staff. I believe we will continue to work together to realise the changes we want to make. Special mention and appreciations to the very generous families whose support enables us to make a difference to the most needy on a daily basis.

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