by Elvis Uhuru
It was on a hot Thursday morning when Uncle Hemed surprised us with the news that we would go to the beach in the afternoon. The weather was sunny and calm. Everyone was joyful as we prepared ourselves eagerly waiting for the time. We took our lunch and then the time to start our journey arrived. Uncle George drove us and by exactly 2:30 pm, we were at the beach.

We went to Customs Beach in Mtwapa. The beach was fantastic and there were many people who had come to windup the year. Everyone looked spectacular with broad smiles as we quickly changed our clothes and put on the swimming costumes ready to enjoy the precious time we had. We had a group photo before we all ran into the ocean.

We enjoyed playing different games in the water as we swim. The caregivers helped the disabled children and ensured their safety. We had a lot of fun even though some of us did not know how to swim properly.

After two hours of enjoying ourselves, we all assembled at the shore and each one received some snacks and juice to refresh. Thereafter we cleaned the place, removed all our litters and dropped them in a dustbin before starting our journey back home. It was such an awesome trip for us. We thank the management, caregivers and our generous donors for planning & enabling this trip.