As more of our GLO children return to living in the community with their extended families we are blessed to have wonderful sponsors who continue to support them financially and as a result our staff can offer an excellent support network for them. When Shainuru and her brother Nuru arrived with us in March 2014 they had been through a very unsettled period in their young lives but quickly adjusted to being part of O’Malley House Family.

Since they have returned to their extended family both children have settled in really well but need that extra help to make their lives more comfortable. Both children get financial assistance monthly from their very generous sponsors and in December they received additional support as a Christmas present. The family were very grateful and Fraire made sure the money was spent wisely starting with an electricity supply to their home.

This means Shainuru and Nuru can study in the evenings without the fumes from a paraffin lamp which are very dangerous. They also received new mattresses and mosquito nets to keep them safe from malaria, the female mosquitos are very busy in the night hours. There were many items on the shopping list with new uniforms, shoes, school bags and books the next purchase made by the family under Fraire’s watchful eye. The children were so happy as books are expensive and unlike SBM School they did not receive them free of charge at their current school.

The final gifts were a hijab for Shainuru, this is very important for her as she is a quiet respectful girl who follows the teaching of Islam, and last but by no means least a Rudi Sodo kit from The GLO which means she will not be able to attend school throughout the month even when she is menstruating.

The family are so grateful for the support they receive from The GLO and it’s thanks to our amazing supporters that we can continue to make a difference daily to children like Shainuru and Nuru whilst they are living in the community. Learning the children how to budget and get the most for their money was an important life lesson for them, they both are flourishing and are very happy to be surrounded by their family whilst still receiving the support from The GLO.