Welcome to The Good Life Orphanage. We are a family-run, Kenya based, UK founded charity. We opened in 2008 and now care for over 50 orphaned children. Every single penny we raise goes directly to the orphanage; no admin, travel or accommodation costs are taken by anyone involved.

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  • I.C.T Literacy @ SBM School

    Madam Odelia with her class in the IT Lab

    by Peter Keyruby – I.T. Teacher The world is being taken over by storm of technological change powered by technology and driven by knowledge. Education is a major component of this universe and has not been spared by this wave of change. In our endeavour to improve the quality of education at SBM School, we […]

  • January 2017 Update from The GLO

    Christmas Meal celebrations

    By Hemed Jumaa 2017 was welcomed with a lot of anticipation by everyone at GLO and for the first time in Kenya’s history, all the schools had closed for more than two months during December holiday. As always, January is a very busy month with a lot of new things to adjust to and things […]

  • January Update from SBM School

    Madam Pheilster with KG1

    by Mr Joe Karanja – SBM Head Teacher Happy new year to all from SBM. A new year has started again and already after a few days, everything is running smoothly and we are already up to speed with all the good things that were happening last year. The school staff meeting was held on […]