Welcome to The Good Life Orphanage. We are a family-run, Kenya based, UK founded charity. We opened in 2008 and now care for over 50 orphaned children. Every single penny we raise goes directly to the orphanage; no admin, travel or accommodation costs are taken by anyone involved.

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  • Caleb the Artist

    Work in progress

    My name is Caleb Babu. I am twelve years old. I am in class six. My favourite subject is science, I like science because of one thing, we do a lot of research work outside the classroom and this makes it more interesting and enjoyable. My hobby is drawing and most of the time when […]

  • O’Malley House Birthday – Rama Faida

    Happy Birthday O'Malley House

    In memory of our House Father Michael O”Malley we always look forward to celebrating our house birthday. That day, I woke up very early in the morning when the sun was rising from the East. I was happy as a king because I knew it was the day of our family birthday. I started with […]

  • A trip to Kilifi to see Abdallah

    Ready for a visit to Kilifi

    by Kanoti Abdullah It was on Friday afternoon when the sun was mercilessly sending its rays to the world. Uncle Hemed told us to eat our lunch and change our clothes, so that we go to visit Abdallah with Papa Kevin. I quickly went to the bedroom and wore my Sunday best clothes. We were […]