Welcome to The Good Life Orphanage. We are a family-run, Kenya based, UK founded charity. We opened in 2008 and now care for over 50 orphaned children. Every single penny we raise goes directly to the orphanage; no admin, travel or accommodation costs are taken by anyone involved.

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  • St Bernadette Mary School K.C.P.E. Examinations 2016

    SBM School Standard 8

    By Peter Keyruby Since these pupils joined SBM School in 2012 this has been their goal, these candidates have gone through primary school education culminating in their K.C.P.E. Examination in Standard 8. SBM has brought up these candidates through learning and preparing them for the exams. Indeed they have shown good spirit & the teachers […]

  • Mama Waseema’s visit to The GLO 2016

    BBF Valentine & Waseema

    By Hemed Jumaa – GLO Social Worker The doors of GLO have always been open to receive volunteers from all around the world as they have been very helpful in different areas. At GLO, volunteers always play different roles based on their interests and levels of expertise and the impact they make have been beyond […]

  • The Spirit of St Bernadette Mary School 2016

    The Mgoti Family

    The Spirit of St Bernadette Mary School Award is a very competitive and much sought-after award which every pupil attending the school would cherish to earn. Eileen Fray sponsors this award and having spent her working life in education she believes being a good pupil is not just about the grade you achieve in your […]