2023 was a great year, full of blessings and great achievements. This is a year that we had visitors and volunteers visiting our school. Starting from Domi who carried out assessment on the teaching staff and with a great wealth in teaching, she was of great help in the institution. Peter who was with Domi offered basic welding skills to teachers and learners. For sure their volunteering/ donations will always remain in our hearts. This year as I write this blog, Domi is around and it’s good to see her participate in teaching while Peter is offering welding skills to learners and teachers.


Jessica and Ellenoir’s visit was also a great one to remember as they participated in teaching and also attended games at Mtepeni primary school. The great Dixon family can also not be forgotten as even today Max left a mark in our learners due to his skills in football besides the games equipment donations they brought to the school. This year we expect more visitors and more donations as they are a motivation to our learners. When our learners who come from disadvantaged families in the society mingle with these visitors it motivates them.

Academically 2023 was a year of improvement starting with KCPE where we registered a positive deviation of +8 marks compared to 2022. In grade 6 KPSEA exam we registered 194 Exceeding Expectations (EE) credentials in the various learning areas. This year with no KCPE class we target 400 (EE) as we have a double stream KPSEA class.

We thank God for the reward that the best 10 KPSEA learners got (sponsorship for JSS) and it’s our hope that next year the number will increase. The extra grade 1 class that we have absorbed this year is a blessing to these learners and it cannot be taken for granted.


To grow the various talents in our learners we would wish to participate in Drama & Music, Games & Sports as the Competence Based Curriculum requires. More educational trips in 2024 will get a long way in exposing our learners. I believe with the great team of teachers, non-teaching staff and student leaders all this is achievable.


To all our generous donors may God bless you and may you never lack.