by Hemed Jumaa – Operations Manager 

We have all reasons to thank God for having reached the New Year, 2024! I understand all of us had different experiences in 2023, could be good, bad or a combination of both but it is all part of life. I would like to take this opportunity to share a short reflection of 2023 and moving forward, our 2024 expectations at the GLO.

In 2023, we continued with our efforts of reintegrating children back to their families/ communities and developing the therapy department as a way of complying with the new care reform policies on how children are to be cared for. Three (3) children exited residential care, two (2) joined foster care while one (1) reunited with his extended family. Our target by end of 2023 was to reintegrate five (5) children but we faced some challenges. This year, we have a target of reintegrating ten (10) children including the two (2) cases from last year. In addition, fourteen (14) children sat for their primary/secondary school national examinations towards the end of last year. Right now two (2) are still waiting to join university/college after meeting the requirements, three (3) joined the same high school, and nine (9) enrolled for different vocational training.

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In the therapy department, we enrolled 57 new cases in 2023 and on October, we had the privilege of officially opening the Hattie’s House Therapy and Respite care Centre. Our main supporters, the Hattie’s family graced the event. We ended the year with 124 clients after discharging 7 clients who successfully achieved the developmental milestone while 34 others were removed from the list of beneficiaries to give room to new ones because they were not complying with the requirements. Moving forward in 2024, we have special emphasis on improving the services we offer in the therapy department to ensure our clients get quality services and where possible, expand to benefit more children with disabilities. We have other different plans for the other departments as well and we shall as a team, do our best to accomplish them.

We appreciate the special support we get from our supporters all around the world including the donors, directors, trustees, volunteers, and all members of staff. We pray that 2024 brings you peace, happiness, good health, and prosperity.

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