After a visit to Mikoroshoni Primary School in Shanzu where The Carr-Deed Family from Manchester first met Lawrence and his very young mother Esther, life did change for him. They quickly realised Lawrence needed urgent medical help as he had a very severe form of spina bifida with the sac outside the base of the spine. Esther and the family could not care for him, medical costs were beyond their means and the environment was not suitable for a disabled baby so they asked for him to be placed at The GLO. Lawrence arrived on 27th July 2010 aged 3 months old, he needed surgery immediately and we were told not to expect him to survive.


Mama Lucy took good care of our new family member even tying a bible to his feet at night to straighten them, he received such good care and quickly became a favourite with the staff and visitors. In spite of all his medical problems Lawrence was always smiling and after every procedure he came back even stronger. When Mama Delrosa joined Keogh House she knew she has a little miracle living in her midst. Lawrence looked forward to Danielle visiting The GLO and the two had a very strong bond from Day 1.

Lawrence joined SBM School, the teachers soon realised disability does not mean inability as Lawrence was never going to be defined by his condition. He was a very active class member showing great determination every single day, and he was a campaigner in the making, very aware of the rights of disabled children from an early age.  The one thing missing from his life was the connection with his family in Shanzu and after a rocky 1st visit home in 2016 we ensured Lawrence had regular contact with his grandparents & sibling.

With the changes to the constitution regarding children in Charitable Children’s Institutes, any with surviving relatives must be reunited and live back in the community, Lawrence was so ready to go back to his home in Shanzu. After many meetings regarding schools, family circumstances and the suitability of his home for wheelchair access the wheels were set in motion for reintegration in late 2023. The only stumbling block was the condition of the floor in the house, it was a dirt floor and impossible to manoeuvre a wheelchair on.

In October the Dixon Family visited to officially open Hattie’s House in memory of their daughter Hattie who sadly died in June 2021. Lawrence spent time talking to Lisa & Eddie, Hattie’s mum and dad, about his plight and they soon began their quest to find a donor who would pay to replace the floor. Unbeknown to us Lisa’s father established Hyde Flooring Company in 1977 and once Lisa discussed Lawrence with her brother they were only too happy to help. Soon a team of fundis were on-site and the family home now has the best floors in the village of Shanzu !

On Tuesday 19th December 2023 Lawrence left The GLO to join his grandparents and sister, he was so excited and the family celebrated his homecoming in style with his grandmother insisting she carried him from the vehicle. Lawrence brought his bed from The GLO along with his personal belongings but he was not interested in material things, he just wanted to sit with his family, Hemed, Fraire and Mama Domi who has cared for him so well over the past three years. They discussed all the future plans for his school, his frequent hospital visits to Kijabe and the support he will continue to receive.

Over the years we have learnt that the many of our children come from families who are struggling financially, the love and sense of belonging the children feel returning “home” overcomes the hardships and continuing to financially support these families is by far the best outcome we could every wish for. Fraire will visit Lawrence often and we are just on the end of the phone for any questions or assistance we can give, we will always be there for him. Personally we have know Lawrence’s grandmother for nearly 20 years, she is a very humble caring woman who loves her grandson so much and is so grateful for The GLO saving her grandson’s life all those years ago.

We never thought Lawrence would still be here, 13.5 years later he has returned back to his family, his dream come true and for everyone at The GLO & all our amazing supporters over the years this is indeed our own Miracle at Christmas. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, your generosity and support has made this possible.