Dreadful weather, watching the long-range weather forecast, when would we ever get doing the Car Boot. The garage is full, clothes, toys, DVDs, you name it, it is in our garage! Thank God, no rain for the next 24hrs, off we set, jeep loaded, two reluctant daughters & one sister trying to escape from her two hyper sons (yes we checked for the 666 mark on their heads) set off to Radcliffe Playing fields at 6.30am to make a fortune for the Good Life Orphanage.

Our nieces Olivia & Ellie gave all their toys, books & games – Crazy Coffee Bean Mick donated teapots, knives, spoons etc from a café that had closed down in the Lake District – and all our own bits & pieces. We thought our stall looked really good but boy were we in for a surprise! Yes that’s £5.00 – “No we will give you £1.00 for that”, this went on from 7.00am until 1.00pm, it was hard work, like trying to get blood out of a stone, but at the end we made £140.00 and my sister had a break from Devil Child 1 & 2 for the morning, and my daughters & I had some mother/daughter bonding.

What we have to remember the £140.00 will keep one of our orphans for 140 days in the orphanage, imagine that small amount making such a difference to one child’s life!

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