Christmas Day 2008 was an alternative way to spend the day, instead of a Vigil Mass said by Father Paul at Guardian Angels Church in Bury, we went to the Cathedral in Mombasa centre, well the homily, which Father Paul is an expert on, was something about joiners and painters, we could not make any sense of, but This is Africa.Then onto the orphanage for our Christmas Dinner.

Well the children all had new clothes on, donated by our dear parishioners and people from Dromore, they looked so smart and Jackie & Miriam had cooked a wonderful Byrini, we had asked for no bones in our which is a sacrilege in Kenya. They used the bones to make a Pilau to accompany the Byrani. The children were so excited, they were sucking lollies which they dipped in the curry and insisted you taste it. What a difference sitting on a Swahili Mat eating Byrani for Christmas Dinner.

We put on the original DVDS we took from Day 1 at the orphanage and the children were amazed to see themselves on the big screen, Joshua did not speak or move for 15 minutes.

We had brought second hand toys donated by Guardian Angels Playgroup and they were wrapped in Christmas paper, each child a toy, Paul Wood from CAPS had given us toy mobile phones and Damian & Helen had bought footballs so you can imagine the happiness on each child’s face when they opened their presents,

We really missed our families but seeing the little faces opening the presents made us realise just what a difference the donations and hard work are actually making to these children.

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