Its 2011, we had a pretty eventful 2010 at the GLO and lots of people are wondering what exactly happened with Naomi, heres the latest:

Underground @ Heathrow Airport

Contrary to the original diagnosis and medical opinion received in Kenya, the expert opinion of the neurosurgical team at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital is that Naomi is a very healthy little girl and there is no medical reason why the growth on the back of her head should impinge or restrict her development or future well being.

In short, the initial fear from Kenya that Naomi’s life would be compromised by the growth has been overturned by expert medical opinion here in the UK. This is great news and we are all so relieved to finally have this expert opinion.

Welcoming Party @ M/CR Airport

Without going into the full medical diagnosis, the scans and assessments have indicated that Naomi’s brain and central nervous system are fully developed and functioning perfectly well (I think everyone who has experienced Naomi’s cheeky smile and playful ways  will testify to that!) The Consultant Neurosurgeon has, therefore, concluded that any surgical procedure to remove the growth presents too much of a risk to what is otherwise a perfectly normal and healthy little girl.

Clearly, Naomi will have a visible defect as she grows up and she will have to adjust to this overtime but one thing is very certain, she is a very special and beautiful little girl!

1st of Many Gifts

Thank you for all your prayers and support over the past 12 months. We have had to deal with a lot of bureaucracy to get Naomi and Mercy over to the UK and there have been times when we thought we’d never make it! But perseverance, prayer and the good will and support of so many people has made this possible.
Away from the medical implications, Mercy & Naomi will keep their visit to the UK as a very special memory, never before have they witnessed such kindness, generosity and unfortunately such cold weather, it was a mild September but they thought it was freezing !!! Everyone bought presents and although Naomi was a little “blown away” by the whole thing she has now settled back down to life at the GLO, maybe not getting just so much attention when she does her usual oscar winning performance when she gets a cold or an ache.

Happy Days

Very important to us the Consultant Neurosurgeon  assured us that should there be any change or concern about Naomi’s health in the future, that he will see her again and re-assess the situation.
Thanks to everyone for the help, guidance & financial support we received, a special thanks to Andrew & Jill Smalley, Mr Thorne & the wonderful team at the Children’s Hospital, without whom we would have been completely lost xxx

Too many late nights !!

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