A very busy time since we arrived on the 18th January, lots happening & its all good. The temperature is rising daily making it very difficult to do much work but the local people just get on with their day to day lives.

Little Mercy has settled down well, her mother Damarius has gone back to school and she is being looked after by another home which specialises in teenage mothers, we are hoping the baby becomes stronger, although she is ten months old, she only looks about three to four months old.

Baby Amanda who was found in a plastic bag is thriving, she is such a happy content little girl, its just unbelievable to see the way she has grown. She always has a little smile for everyone and is very alert watching everything going on in the house.
Baby Amanda

Saidi has settle well also, he is a very loving boy who struggles to communicate but he is trying. We have also changed his medication so we are hoping his attention span improves and he can concentrate on what is going on in the classroom. He has only had one fit since arriving at the GLO.

The biggest change we have noticed is in Melissa, when our family was over in early November they were moved to tears by her plight and how she struggled to stand up, now she is walking around and has a cheeky smile for everyone. We are amazed at her resilience and she is an example of how good care, diet and love can make such a difference.
Melissa & Alan

Lawrence is doing well, he is getting a big boy and loves Mama Lucy so much. He is suffering from a very bad heat rash at the minute due to the high temperature, hopefully it will pass when the rains arrive.

We can count ourselves very lucky, Alan Coyne, from Mayo is giving us a few days each week at the orphanage volunteering his vast experience, he has worked in the Health Service in Ireland and having volunteered here in Mombasa for the past 2.5 years is fluent in Swahili and is very knowledgable in the culture and customs.
Kevin & Alan at Camara

Forty-nine children are now enjoying a life far removed from the poverty, abuse & hardship they have witnessed during their early lives, this is all made possible because of the great support Kevin & I receive, so Thank You everyone from the bottom of our hearts xx
Obama 21/01/11

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