Since coming to Kenya 12 years ago we have been very lucky to meet great people all involved in different charities in one way or another, some have become very good friends, Edna who is involved in supporting the Lioness Cubs Children’s Home and Danielle who organises a brillant medical outreach programme with Tumaini Homes of Hope are two remarkable ladies.
Medical Outreach Day
When Danielle approached us with the idea to hold a medical outreach day at the orphanage and school, we were very excited, the date was set for Saturday 19th November and with a PA System going around the area on the Friday and all the children from our school and the nearby schools taking home flyers we were looking forward to a busy day. Nothing could have prepared us for the amount of people who turned up !!!
Dorothy & Florence prepare the food
Early on Saturday morning the team from Tumaini Homes of Hope turned up with the medical staff, three GP’s, four nurses, two HIV Counsellors, two Paediatric Nurses, Pharmacists and clerks along with all the teaching staff from the school who offered their services. In the kitchen Dorothy and Florence started at 7.30am making sure everyone taking part were fed & watered. First step was a team talk where everyone was introduced, chai & mahambre & off to work.
Mahambre & Chai
Within an hour the place was crowded, a constant stream people appeared through the gates, the first step was registering each person, a team of six people did this with Danielle weighing each child over the age of three, she was amazed at the low weights of some of the children and the poor health they were in. Then onto the GP’s for consultations for the majority of the families,
Madam Nancy & Madam Maureen register the families
Danielle weighs every child
The GP’s had a very busy time, we could see the queues form for registration and consultations and as the temperatures were rising everyone had a drink and then a biscuit also donated by Danielle, we were kept very busy but were amazed that the majority of people did not accept our 1st offer of the drinks as they were not used being waited on by mzungus, many laughed when we explained the drinks & biscuits were for them, for Laura & myself it was a very humbling experience.
More people arrive
Consultation with the GP
Following the registration process and consultations with the GP’s the families then moved onto the appropriate rooms, somes went for HIV Tests & counselling, the initial test takes about 15 minutes, much like a pregnancy test, one line for a negative result, two lines for a positive result, again very moving to see the different age groups line up for the tests. We also had an ante-natal examination room and a treatment room for cuts, burns and other similar conditions. The queues were getting longer and at midday it was so hot for everyone.
Waiting to see the Medical Team
Treating a wound
The smaller babies & children were treated by a special team who are very experienced and are very caring when dealing with them, some of the babies were very underweight and had not had their proper injections, this was all sorted and although the babies were not happy the Mamas could not believe they were getting this standard of care free and all went away very content.
Injection Time
Weighing the under 2's
Then onto the pharmacy where different medicines were dispensed free, worming tablets as many children have ringworm, Calpol, Painkillers and Antibiotics to name but a few, it was a very organised scene with many hands making light work, again the local people were over the moon to receive the free medicines.

Laura, Danielle & mary look on
Danielle never stopped but one job we both done was very difficult, the children with jiggers needed their feet washing, dried and then the area infected was covered in vaseline which suffocated the offending little bugs. The majority of the children had this procedure carried out but walked away without any shoes, one little boy had part of his heel eaten away by the jiggers, Danielle made sure he was ok but was visibly upset to see a young boy’s feet in such a terrible state.
Danielle bathes the feet of children with jiggers
After a very busy & successful day we asked the registration team how many people had attended the programme, 436 men, women & children, some in very poor health but all left very happy. A fantastic day which highlighted the need for programmes like this. A very special Thank You to Danielle, Paul, Grace, Jonathan, All the Tumaini Homes of Hope Team and all the GLO & St Bernadette & St Mary’s Staff, it was a team effort and we all felt very privileged that we could be part of such a wonderful day !!!
No happy
Poorly Boy

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