I have been involved with the GLo since the very beginning, when really it was only a pipe dream of Kevin and Mary. I got involved because I recognised the passion that Kevin and Mary had for this project, and their plans, if they could pull it off were amazing. I moved to St Anne’s Hr Openshaw six and a half years ago and I asked my parishioners to adopt this charity as our parish charity, which they seemed happy to do We now regularly raise money for the orphanage and have raised £24.659.96 in total since we began supporting the project in 2007, with out most recent effort, a 10 kilometer walk, which had 72 walkers involved which raised £5100, which is staggering considering we are a relativity small parish. These figures do not include also a number of children who have been sponsored by individual parishioners.
Our Sponsored Walk
I visited the GLO two years ago in March and was deeply touched by all that had happened on the project and could see that the money raised was doing miraculous things in a tiny place in the middle of the jungle near Mtwapa! Some of the stories that went with these children were horrifying, but to know that they had now fallen into the arms of two angels called Kevin and Mary, meant that their future was a very different one from their life before the GLO. I took many photographs of the children, the buildings and the area (including the Sunday feeding station) and have used these as part of my fundraising package.
The Good Life Orphanage
Recently I got the idea of people buying a different kind of Christmas present this year, so I put it to parishioners that they might like to buy a chicken for £3 or a school started kit for £12, a goat for £50 or a cow for £550! The response once again from the parishioners of St Annes has been very generous with the money raised running well over £600, with a few more promised to come in. Each item ordered receives a certificate in the name of the person for whom they have been bought If any one wants one please email me, an excellent idea for those last minute Christmas Presents!!
St Ann's Certificates
Unlike other charities out there who have to take an administration fee from donations given, to pay for the running of the charity, the GLO has no charity costings as such, every penny given goes to the Orphanage, this was another major factor that attracted me to the work of Mary and Kevin, and I am sure has been an attraction also to my parishioners.
Mama Mary, Papa Kevin & the eldest children
I am hoping to visit the GLO again in the New Year, travelling back out with Kevin when he returns in January. I am very much looking forward to seeing how the children have grown and how the GLO has matured in its mission of saving our beautiful children. If you ever get the chance for a visit grasp the opportunity, it will change your life…….a bit dramatic? Not really, my whole outlook on life here in the UK has changed since my visit. I even have a young boy named after me out there, little Jimmy arrived during my last visit, his first blood test was HIV Positive but the subsequents tests have been negative and he is a happy, healthy little man now.
Father Jim's Namesake Jimmy, Jimmy
May God continue to bless the work of all those involved in the GLO project, let us keep up this amazing work, so that our children can flourish and have a life which until the GLO was beyond their imagination. Thanks to everyone who helps!

Fr Jim Clarke

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