It was on Saturday, I woke up with a jump like a kangaroo out of my bed and rushed to the frog’s kingdom to have shower. After bathing , I went to my bedroom and looked for my neatest clothes. I was spick and span in my well- ironed clothes. The day had dawned colourfully with beads of pleasure in it .

Wiaitng Patiently

All the children were as happy as a toothless woman who had got her dental formula replaced before a great feast .We were all anxious as a cat sitting on hot bricks waiting for the mini -bus. After some few minutes, we heard loud music from far . The mini -bus came in through the main gate and in we went. We were all as comfortable as coins in the bus.The music was so loud that even the angels in heaven were dancing. A banana smile was plastered on my chubby face as I waited for the day to reveal what it had in store for me .

Bus arrival at The GLO

The bus was moving at a neck breaking speed on the tarmac road.The cold gust of the morning wind blew the tree branches dancing to a tune best known by them. The bus was full to capacity that even a housefly could not get a place to land. The flattened blood red sun rose in the dead horizon as the dew on the grass evaporated due to the intensive heat. The journey was so long that we thought we have travel for a year. The tarmac road was as silent as an abandoned cemetery. In a dint of a moment,we arrived at Gedi ruins. My heart melted with joy like butter exposed to the horrid desert heat. Truly my joy knew no bounds.


We were warmly welcomed by the guard who had a wide smile on his face. He handed us over to a tour guide known as Ali who led us to the old buildings. 
Gedi is one of Kenya’s great unknown treasures, a wonderful lost city lying in the depths of the great Arabuko Sokoke forest. They told us that it was built during the 13th century. The ruins of Gedi included many houses, mansions, mosques and elaborate tombs and cemeteries.. 
Ali ( tour guide) said that despite the size and complexity of this large settlement, it is never mentioned in any historic writings or local recorded history. 

Gede Ruins 01

The town has all the appearances of a trading outpost, yet its position, deep in a forest and away from the sea makes it an unlikely trading centre. There was an excellent museum and well trained tour guide who took us through the ruins. 
Gedi is a mysterious and atmospheric place to visit. The pillars and stone walls, ruined mosques and tombs now lie among stands of trees. The stone floors are thick with leaves, and giant shrews scuttle through the deserted houses while birds and butterflies drift through the air. 

Gede Ruins 02

With the tour being tiresome and our bellies empty, hence we had to find a shed and take our Lunch. The aroma of the food was symbolically calling me. We were serve with pilau with some salads. The lunch was very delicious.

Lovley food

From Gedi ruins we left to Watamu beach. We passed by Happy House Home where Uncle Hemed told us used to work. We saw a number of green houses and the home is near the beach. Like The Good Life it is also a place of great joy for abandoned and orphaned children. We then headed to the beach.

GLO children visit The Happy House

Fun at Watamu Beach

When we reached there I quickly put on my swimming costume. I swam like a fish for I was really excited. The small kids really enjoyed playing with white sand. After swimming for about two hours, we ate snacks that we had carried. We drunk milk with biscuits. When it was time to leave,we all walked proudly like a peacock bride . We were all as happy as the sand-boys. Wow! What a day I will leave to remember!

Lawrence in the Indian Ocean

May God Bless Kirsty, Mairead & Nicola for the special trip. I wish them successful days in their lives. I will never forget them for the rest of my life.
Collins Otieno .

Tuta says goodbye

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