Since his arrival at The GLO at less than 24hrs old, Solomon has been a firm favourite of the other children in Flynn House. He was found by an elderly farmer in a field, luckily the farmer noticed two teenage girls go into a shaded area carrying a plastic bag but were without the bag when he saw them sometime later on the road. As it was bothering him, he went the following morning to investigate and miraculously he found the baby who had survived during the night in the bush.

Following the baby’s arrival at The GLO the police quickly traced the young mother along with her sister who abandoned the young boy. They were taken to the nearby Shimlo Le Tewa prison and placed in custody for abandoning the baby.

Soon after the arrests of the two girls, their mother arrived and was shocked to find that she was now a grandmother, she was brought to The GLO to meet her new grandson and was moved to tears vowing to bring the boy back to their family home in Eldoret.

Well here we are nearly two years later, after numerous court appearance by both the young sisters now aged 18 years old & 20 years old and also the grandmother trying to adopt little Solomon, the Children’s Court in Kilifi have granted custody to Solomon’s grandmother. Unfortunately the young mother and her sister have been sent to prison for two years for abandonment but Solomon is now being reunited with his family.

On Sunday 9th March, Grandma, Solomon accompanied by Auntie Stella from The GLO set off on their 700+km journey to Eldoret where he will now live with his family, the final photo above says more than a thousand words, the look of devotion & love in his grandmother’s face.

A very special word of thanks to Madam Mercy and Uncle Hemed who guided this family through a very complex court system in order to gain custody of the boy, they did indeed go that extra mile again.

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