Thanks to the generosity of Eileen Fray we now award this wonderful accolade yearly to the student whom the teachers & pupils believe embrace the Spirit of St Bernadette Mary School. This award is presented on the final day of the school year and we are bursting with pride at The Good Life Orphanage with the choice this year, Abduallah Chogo, our eldest boy.

This is where we live

Abduallah came to the orphanage in late 2008, he had lost both parents and was struggling to care for his three sisters and two brother. At first the Department of Children would not allow Abduallah to come to The GLO with three of his five siblings but after some gently persusion they releted and Abduallah joined Hamisi, Salim and Suomo in Maguire House.

Kevin with James Juma, Abdullah and Collins

From the day Abduallah came to The Good Life Orphanage we were stuck by his humility whilst still remaining very protective of his siblings. When asking Mama Mary for a Christmas present one year she was moved by his request to see his two sister who were placed in another home in Kilifi, again his family was so much more important to Abduallah than anything we could buy for him.

Rukia 13 yrs &  Halima 12 yrs sisters of Abdallah,Hamisi,Salimu and Saumu

There was an unanimous decision by everyone at the school that Abduallah is the perfect recipient of The Spirit of St Bernadette Mary Award in 2014 as he is a selfless young man who gives 100% on a daily basis at both The GLO & SBM School. He is kind but strict with the younger pupils and although not in the top stream academically, his good nature and excellent team player qualities stand head & shoulders above many of the other pupils in the school.

Abdallah is our Star Pupil

Abduallah’s chosen gift was a bicycle, this he will use to transport him to madrassa at the local mosque along with getting around the Mtepeni area. We are very proud of Abduallah, he is what our ethos personifies and by choosing him as the pupil to be awarded The Spirit of St Bernadette Mary it is a commendation that his upbringing whilst at the orphanage has had a vey positive affect on him thanks to Mama Domi in Maguire House.

Such pride & happiness from The GLO

Abduallah has now moved over into The Transition House, here again he is so hardworking and focused that we are expecting him to become a very well balanced young man when he leaves us at eighteen years old. As long as he has his white t-shirts Abduallah is a happy lad.

Mama Domi, Abdullah & Papa Kevin with his new bike

We will continue to support him in his journey and a special word of thanks goes to Bridget & Chris Forrest who have been sponsoring Abduallah for the past six years, their support has made a massive difference to his life.

Well deserved Abdullah

We don’t expect to see much of Abduallah over the next few days as he will be out exploring the area on his new bicycle.

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