My name is Clara Mbeyu Beja, I was born on 27th April 1998 in Mtepeni village, Mtwapa. I joined primary school in 2008 and I sat Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 2015.I could not join Secondary School due to lack of school fees as my parents are not well off. Since leaving primary school in December 2015 I spent most of my time assisting my mother as we try to make some extra money to supplement the small salary my father earns but with no job prospects on the horizon I became very pessimistic but kept hoping that my prayers would be answered.

Clara's home

One day while I was at home, one of my friends came and informed me about the new college at The Good Life Orphanage where girls were taught how to sew. I was very happy to hear about such a place being in my neighbourhood and I decided to accompany her early the next morning to see if I could join the Tailoring Course but as I had no money I did not think they would consider me for a place.

Kahindi sharing his knowledge

When I reached at the College, I was advised to see The Good life Orphanage Management and I am glad Madam Mercy, the Manager knew my parents and everything about my background hence I was informed I qualify to join them. I would like to thank the Management of The Good Life Orphanage for giving me the opportunity to learn Tailoring as this will be a very big step towards my success in life. When I finish the course and attain a certificate, I will be able to continue working under the tutelage of Mr Kahindi or start a small Tailoring Shop to support my parents. I also plan that with the experience I will gain at my small Tailoring Shop, I will be able to grow my business and even start training other girls from my neighbourhood, just to give back to the community and achieve my goals.

Clara at work

Finally, I wish to thank the generous donor family from the UK for building the Technical College, as the neighbouring community will benefit from it. It will educate the young girls and boys who will be able to become self-employed or gain employment elsewhere so they to can support their families. This will help alleviate the poverty in Mtepeni Community, there are so many youths willing to work but without this opportunity to get proper training we would not be considered as employable.

Clara with her family

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