My name is Collins Otieno. I am sixteen years old; I was in Form One in 2016 and proceeding to Form Two in January 2017. I write this piece to express my experiences in the first year of High school life.

Collins says Asante Sana to Tuk Tuk

The 1st term I joined the school was a little challenging because it was my first time to stay away from the Good life Orphanage and from my siblings whom I have stayed with for about 8 years. The fear in me grew deeper since I was once told of the challenges in high school such as bullying, caning and so it had come a time for me to face the truth.

Start of a 860km journey for Collins

On the reporting day, Madam Lucy and Mr.Joe tried to encourage me but it was in vain since the fear just grew deeper as time moved by and when I saw other student’s parents leaving. I watched as Madam Lucy and Mr Joe bid me bye as tears rolled down my cheeks. I then knew that I had to gain courage and do everything on my own under the instructions of the prefects and teachers. I also thought of home and prayed to the almighty God to guide me to the end of the term.

Collins, Joe & Lucy meet Collin's Mentor at High School

When I went back for the 2nd term I was able to catch up with other students but still at times I had the fear of my fellow students and even teachers. I had learnt a lot during the first term period through the mistakes I had made and then second term was the right time to correct them. I even joined some groups like the soccer team, choir and even the scouts. I could cope up with the life of staying away from my Good life family for some time and with all kinds of challenges. Both the teachers and the prefects began to understand me and lend a hand where needed .I was really happy for their kind heart of helping me and their understanding.

The long journey to St Peter's In Kakamega begins for Collins

When I was back for the final term of Form One I was by then a full member of St. Peter Seminary. I was so jovial and interacted with other students and teachers confidently. I gained the courage of following up with teachers and asking questions that helped me, keeping me busy and occupied by some tasks making me release the memories of GLO family. I became more interested in knowing other students way of life. I really gained a lot of experience about the kind of life outside the GLO. The lifestyle of a student requires self discipline because one is left all alone, to be independent and needs the spirit of hard work without supervision of a teacher or my guardians at the GLO .


I thank the Almighty God for guiding me through all the journeys to and from the school. God also protected me from bad companies in the school .He guided me to join a school that makes me grow up as a good leader and also a spiritual believer. I hope that next year is going to be great year for me and make me achieve my goals both in curriculum and co-curriculum activities. Without the financial support of Guardian Angels Church & Sarah Sikorski I would never have received this wonderful opportunity and I know I will do even better in 2017.

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