Since lockdown and the closure of all the schools in Kenya there has been an increase in teenage pregnancies according to government figures in Kenya, whilst we cannot confirm this has happened on the coast we are aware of the even more urgent need for our Rudia Sodo kits. Our team of experienced tailors/seamstresses resumed work in early June and have worked like Trojans since producing over 500 kits for teenage girls.

For Simon, Mary & Gloria this was a very different working environment as they had to practice strict social distancing guidelines, Zuhura who teaches in our adjoining O’Gara Sewing Room also joined them as we are not allowed to re-open the class yet. Together they worked in harmony making the kits, all were very happy to be back at work as for many in Kenya there are no jobs and others have received no salaries since March 2020.

As we were not allowed to even cross from Kilifi County into Mombasa County we quickly realised that we need an alternative outlet for distribution of the kits. After speaking to Father Gabriel Dolan we joined forces with Haki Yetu Organisation as they are still out in the field helping the most needy. We needed special dispensation from the local police in Mtwapa to be able to deliver the consignment of 500 kits to their offices in Mombasa.

They have been busy distributing the kits and the feedback from Trize & the team at Haki Yetu has been very favourable, they have said the kits are very well made and excellent quality. They are helping many young girls in very vulnerable situations where getting access to sanitary protection often puts them at risk.

A massive thank you to everyone who donated to our recent appeal and also to Father Gabriel & the team at Haki Yetu for making a difference to these and many more girls !!

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