As the staff and pupils at St Bernadette Mary School start the final term of 2022 Academic Year everyone is focused on making the year a successful one. The Class 8 pupils are busy preparing for their K.C.P.E Examinations and with the new changes to the curriculum this year we see an introduction to Class 6 pupils moving onto Junior Secondary Schools.

In preparation for leaving SBM School we have regular counselling sessions for the pupils including guidelines for the girls to deal with life at high school and college. It is very important they realise their self worth and to never under estimate what they can achievement in what is often a very misogynistic culture.

At the Student Council Elections earlier in the year Suleiman and Lovina were voted Head Boy & Head Girl but as this was an election year in Kenya they were President and Prime Minister so the pupils can relate to the voting system in the country. There was also a Students Body voted in which can make decisions on behalf of the pupils, again democracy is the key.

The school continues to be a holistic haven whilst giving the children an excellent standard of education, it offers so much more than other schools in the area. The extra-curricular activities means children who are not academic find their niche and for many this encourages them to be confident in their new found talent.

We wish all our staff and pupils a frutiful Term 3, it’s always a very stressful time as examinations are on the horizion but with such an experienced team leading the school it will also be an enjoyable experience.

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