by Jairus Kaylo – Head Teacher
In Kenya, the school year usually begins in January and ends in October or at the beginning of November, just before the national examinations start. Also the school year is divided into 3 terms, 1st term, 2nd term and the 3rd term. However, this hasn’t been the case recently. 2022 has been the shortest and the most intensive learning calendar in the history of Kenya. Four school terms were squeezed into 2022 and were also shortened to two months per term, a move aimed at restoring the normal academic year schedule come 2023.

Three national examinations took place in 2022 instead of the usual one. Two K.C.P.E exams and an assessment equal to K.C.P.E for the CBC pioneer class called Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA). The first K.C.P.E took place from March 7th to March 10th 2022. The end of November will witness a flurry of examination activities with two categories of learners expected to sit for their national examinations. The first lot of Grade 6 Competency Based Curriculum (CBC)learners will sit for their KPSEA and the second last batch of Class 8 will sit for their K.C.P.E.

Pioneer Grade 6 learners will sit the inaugural KPSEA under the CBC from November 28th. The learners will do 11 subjects i.e. Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Science & Technology, Physical and Health Education, Agriculture, Home science, Social studies, Music, Art and Craft & C.R.E. The subjects will however be combined to have 5 exam papers I.e Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Integrated Science and Creative Arts and Social studies. Integrated Science (IS) will combine Science and Technology, Home Science, Agriculture & P.H.E while Creative Arts & Social studies (CASS)will combine Art & Craft, Music, Social Studies and Christian Religious Education.

Unlike in K.C.P.E where candidates are rated out of 100% ,KPSEA will account for only 40% of the final score. The other 60% will come from the classroom -based continuous assessment tests which they did in Grade 4,5 & 6. Considering that Grade 6 will be replacing the current Class 8 as the transition point to secondary school, KPSEA candidates are relatively young compared to their K.C.P.E counterparts. They will transit to Junior Secondary School Grade 7 aged 12 years and exit at Grade 9 at 14 years, the age at which 8-4-4 learners normally sit for K.C.P.E exams. Later they will transit to Senior Secondary for their Grade 10 ,11 & 12 education.

The goal of the CBC is to produce holistic individuals with competencies, values, knowledge & skills necessary to succeed in a highly competitive world. It is a curriculum to stimulate the minds, hearts and souls of learners, not stuff them with facts and figures. Some of our Grade 6 learners gearing up to sit for the maiden KPSEA this year include:-

(i) Victoria Mwaka
Victoria was new to our school a few years ago and settled in right away. She comes to the guidance department for social and emotional support and its such a blessing that the school is able to help her. Victoria has found a new hobby and loves to crotchet. She’s very talented as she can make scarves, hats and she is even teaching other students how to do it. She’d like to become a fashion designer in the future.

(ii) Angel Sharon
Angel is a kind and caring girl. Angel is a total orphan and has been at the GLO since January 2011 where she arrived as a baby. She carries herself with more confidence and she is going to be great in Junior High School.

(iii) Victor Saidim
Victor is already making plans for his future and enjoys doing crafts and playing games. Victor expressed to his peers during our goal setting lessons that he would like to be an engineer. Peter McDonald has already done lots of professional welding work with him and we’ve seen the great interest shown by Victor to learn the trade.

In Conclusion its high time 8-4-4 system meets its demise but whatever the course of education,SBM school will continue to provide quality education for our learners ensuring that they become confident
young adults with essential knowledge, skills and capabilities. To the children leaving SBM school this year (Grade 6 & Class 8), thank you for being part of our unique and special learning community. Your contribution has been appreciated and on behalf of the whole school community, I’d like to wish each one of you continued happiness and success in your next level of education.
God Bless.

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