By Lucky Lewa – Social Worker
One of the major tasks the social work department yearly is the intake of the new tailoring trainees to join the GLO Vocational Training Section. This year, this activity took us three days to complete. We had received 20 applications and we needed a maximum of 16 trainees to join our excellent teacher Zuhuru in our O’Gara Sewing Room. After a busy time we finalised the vetting procedure and chose 16 new students. Here is a short background on two of the lucky applicants.

Emmanuel Maitha was born in Mtepeni village on 12 th June 2002. He is the first born in a family of four. He lives with both of his parents and younger siblings. Two of his siblings are in high school. The elder sister is in form two at Waa Girls high school, while the second born joined form one this year at Shimo La Tewa high school. The last-born is in grade three at Mbewau primary school.

Emmanuel completed his form four last year, as his mother is already a tailor he has taken inspiration from her and was very happy to learn he had been successful in his application to join the 2023 class. Emmanuel has settled in and is showing a natural ability, he is very studious always keen to join in with the practical lessons unlike some of his classmates. We are confident he will continue to shine.

Eddah Kazungu was born in Vitengeni village on 24th December 2003. She is now 19 years but after Eddah completed Class 8 she could not proceed to high school due to financial hardships. Eddah has relocated to Mtepeni where she lives with her sister who is married there. As she grew up in a single parent family since her father died when she was very young, Eddah has experienced poverty.

Since joining the class of 2023 Eddah has transformed into a very confident young woman, she is a very able student who is very proactive and really enjoys her days. It is heartwarming to see the students interacting with Zuhuru who is a wonderful mentor as well as being their teacher.