Every learner in any institution is always eager to go for an educational trip and our learners are no exception. I personally did a pre visit to identify what the sanctuary had to offer and the charges. After being satisfied the next step was to have a means of transport to ferry the learners to the sanctuary. We were able to identify the KP Senior secondary school bus which would make two trips as the place of visit was not far from school and it was also economical than having two buses.

D-day arrived and the learners arrived very early some escorted by their parents. Clad in school uniforms. After all had arrived we organised for an early breakfast where each learner took a cup of porridge and an egg. At around 9.00 am the bus had arrived. We settled the learners inside the bus and Mr. Vincent, Md. Happy and I accompanied the first trip. After arriving we were welcomed by the guides who explained everything about the sanctuary.

The animals ranged from Giraffes, Tortoises, Waterbucks, Elands and Ostriches. The animals were so friendly that the learners enjoyed every bit. The cool nature was so refreshing to the learners. After an hour or so the second trip arrived accompanied by Md. Grace and Md. Purity. The group was also briefed and taken through each area the first group had seen. Our camera man Mr. Vincent, captured every moment.

As the second group was being taken around, the first group was enjoying itself in the swings and playing games in the wild. By 2.00 pm all learners had seen everything and it was time to have lunch. We all sat under a makuti stand where we were served with a sumptuous meal.

After the lunch the first group had to leave. They board the bus unwillingly as none wanted to leave the sanctuary. A few minutes passed 3.30 pm the bus had arrived for the last group. We bid the guides goodbye and boarded the bus.

The last group arrived at school a few minutes before 5.00 pm where we joined the other learners to prepare to retreat back home. It’s a day the learners will never forget.

May God bless SBM School.
Headteacher – Samuel K. Wamwea