Just back from Kenya to our wonderful British Summertime!!!  All is going really well at The Good Life, we now have 34 children and believe me they are so full of life. After a few weeks the children seem to feel the security and love from the House Mothers & Aunties, they settle completely and start to develop their own little personalities.

Moses loves clothes, Joshua just wants his own football and Caleb, well Caleb is always in trouble but he is trying really hard to be a good boy. Grace goes to KG every morning and is Brenda’s best friend. They go everywhere together even helping each other when it is time for the toilet. Michael is a wonderful boy, always smiling and helping our latest addition Muda to walk. Little Muda, about 18 mths old was abandoned in Kilifi with his older brother Rama who we think is about 3 years old. Muda is so malnourished he is struggling to walk but Michael holds his hand to encourage him to stand up. Juma and his sister Zainabu are older children about twelve and ten years old, we originally brought their brother and cousin into the project first. When we went back to visit them we found Juma and Zainabu attending a rescue centre during the day and coming back to their grandmother in the evenings, The grandmother could not feed or look after them and after discussions with the District Children’s Officer, it was decided that they could also come to The Good Life. Julius whose twin brother was taken back by his extended family has settled really well and always has a smile on his face. Last but by no means least is Baby Eamon who is also coming on really well, again a very contented little baby who is getting stronger by the day. We now have twelve children in O’Malley House being looked after my Mama Alice and Auntie Irene who do a wonderful job.

In Flynn House Mama Jane and Auntie Mercy run a very well organised house showing the children so much love and compassion. Our triplets as we call them, Paul, Kay & Roisin, all came from Coast General in May 2008. The three babies were under one month old, not feeding very well and malnourished, fourteen months later they are three very contented children with Paul leading the team by being the first to walk. Both Kay and Roisin were premature babies weighing just over 1kg but thanks to the care and attention given by Mama Jane & Auntie Mercy they are now doing really well. Janie is a very happy young girl now who plays with our ex-cons Ali & Frankie. Ali & Frankie turned up at Likoni Police Station and stayed there for three weeks whilst they found them a home, as a result Frankie closed his eyes and covered them all the time, now they happy in their surroundings feeling confident enough to greet all the visitors. Rama and Hassan were brought to the orphanage as their parents were dead and their grandmother was struggling to look after them, Rama as the oldest boy in Flynn House has taken on the responsibility of being the big brother to the other children and is a well mannered pleasant boy. Hassan can be boisterous but not cheeky. “John the Baptist” is the baby in Flynn House, he was very small & sickly but is getting stronger. Then we have Naomi who is a bit of a celebrity, although the tumour on her head causes her problems in the morning and at night, she is a very clever little girl, she loves being the centre of attraction. Again another ten children to look after is no mean feat for the dedicated House Mother and Auntie.

Maguire House has twelve wonderful children well cared for by Mama Miriam and Auntie Dometilla. It is filled with laughter and fun, and is heart warming to visit. Collins & Rachel were rescued from a home where abuse was widespread, they have since moved Mama Miriam & Jackie to tears telling what they witnessed there. Now they are doing brilliant with Rachel leading our newly formed Good Life Choir. Elvis was found under a mango tree and has a smile that would warm the cockles of anyone’s heart. Obama is still very slight but doing good; he attends the KG everyday but seems to spend more time wandering around seeing what is going on than sitting in a classroom. Fionnghaula is sitting up on her own now and Patrick is also developing well, he is going to be a big tall boy. Jack is in good health now compared to the little malnourished baby we received. Salim, Hamisi and Saumu have been joined by their older brother Abdallah, they are great children, Saumu is a little star!! Abdallah is struggling a little at school but he got glasses last week so we hope that will solve the problem. Mama Miriam makes the best ginger tea ever and if you are really lucky she will make some samosas.

We are very proud of our hard working staff and our wonderful children, today The Good life Orphanage hosted the monthly meeting for the Charitable Children’s Institutions for the Kilifi Area, the visitors were very impressed and have asked that their House Mothers come to see how our staff carry out their duties as the standard are so high and well maintained.

The builders have started on the ground floor of the final two houses, soon another 20+ children will be enjoying a secure family life within The Good Life and we have to say thank you to all our supports for making this possible xx