After three weeks back in a very rainy and dismal Manchester, Kevin headed back to Mombasa. Things are very busy at the orphanage, our final two houses, Kilroe & Keogh Houses, are coming along brilliantly. He was surprised to see them up at first floor level and our anticipated completion date of January 2010 is on course. As these two houses are adapted for disabled children we know the available spaces will be filled very quickly.

At the moment we have thirty-six children in the first three houses. Two brothers arrived last week from the Childrens’ Department in Kilifi, Ramadhan aged 3.5yrs and Hassan aged 5 years old. Their father is dead and their mother cannot look after them so it was decided to ensure the boys survived they would be placed with us. As you can see from the photos both boys have protruding stomachs which is a sign of malnourishment but as with all the other children they will look 100% better in a few months. They are both quiet and withdrawn but this is to be expected.

The other children are all making good progress, we have visitors coming in October so they are getting excited and making preparations to welcome them. As the rains are over now it is getting easier to travel around and fingers crossed more tourists will make the trek out to The Good Life xx

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