With all the Christmas and New Year celebrations over, Kevin returned to Mombasa on January 2nd as it’s going to be a very busy year at the orphanage. Thanks to some very generous donations from individuals, companies, schools and churches over the last three months of 2009 from we are able to put our plans into action!!!

Kilroe House and Keogh House are nearing completion, they are costing substantially more that the previous three due to design changes as they are adapted for disabled children. We can now also extend our hen house and buy more chickens & broilers. By doing this the income from eggs and chickens will increase, also we are buying a greenhouse. You might ask why we would need a greenhouse in Kenya? It is to protect the vegetables and fruit from the scorching heat and heavy rainfall, which over the past two years has decreased productivity dramatically. We hope by investing the money received from these donations we will see our income from the farm increase by about 60%. As you may already know the produce is mainly used for the children and any excess is sold to the locals at a fair price, we are hoping this will be a further step towards self-sufficiency.

Little Naomi has been complaining of headaches, she had an MRI scan in Mombasa and the results were sent to a paediatric surgeon at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, we were advised that she needs an operations sooner rather than later. As we speak, the team from Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital are on standby for Naomi arriving here in the U.K, they have very kindly agreed to carry out the operation free – we cannot express our gratitude for this wonderful gesture. As Naomi will be in completely different surroundings it was decided that her House Auntie Mercy should accompany her, at the moment we are still waiting for an update on their passports. If all goes to plan she should be coming to Manchester in late February / early March for the operation.

Many thanks to everyone who has made donations over the past three months – we can now go forward with the works, and also have the money in place to pay for Naomi’s travel expenses to bring her to the UK for the lifesaving operation she needs!

The photo below sums up just what The Good Life Orphanage is all about, our latest addition Baby Michelle with Kevin

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