St Bernadette’s & St Mary’s School is already identifying well established schools to work hand in hand with with the hope of sharing experiences and learning from each other. We started by making our first visit to one of the best established schools- Loreto Convent Mombasa. As Sister Gertrude is a very good friend of Kevin & Mary and with Mary an old Loreto Girl being educated at the convent in Omagh, Co. Tyrone, it was very apt that this was the school 1st official outing.
Mr Remi Mwasi with the pupils
Ten children (mainly from GLO) were selected to represent the best of the
school. The kids were over excited about their trip to Loreto. The day came at long last and the over anxious kids asked all sorts of questions about what they anticipated to see. For some children it was the first time they had crossed the Nyali Bridge onto the island where Mombasa stands.
The happy GLO Children
They really enjoyed all the activities for the day. Within no time the kids were
already talking to the loreto kids. Later in the day Collins from Maguire house
remarked “Teacher, I made two great friends, we talked about my new school
and what we are learning”. The St Bernadette’s & St Mary’s Team was warmly welcomed at
Loreto and enjoyed the anniversary celebration.
Happy Days
Our staff & pupils with Sister Gertrude
After the show, the kids were taken to Light House promenade and Likoni
Ferry. The majority of them had never been there before. Abdalla told Alan “I had
never seen a Ferry before and it was so beautiful” This turned out to be a very
memorable occasion for them.

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