These children first came to our attention by two of the founders of Hope Orphan School Fredrick Mulama (also the social worker) and Alan Coyne. They identified the worsening living situation of these children over the past 2 years especially since their mother died in March 2010. It had come to the stage where the only meals they were eating was at Hope school feeding programme. Always very poorly dressed, dirty, under nourished and their wounds untreated and as they were sleeping rough as their aunty’s house is often overcrowded with her own children, they were a very sad sight to behold. Fred & Alan were very worried about Mwaka’s education as she is 13 years old and is at a vulnerable stage to be married off and made pregnant which will ruin her chances of remaining at school. Kanoti is only 7 years old so he needs extra care as he is less independent
The GLO Team await with Fred
We sent a team from the GLO to see just what the conditions were like and found Abdalla salim, their father,bedridden and now mentally ill. After this visit and seeing the hovel where the children were forced to sleep it was decided that if we could help we would get these two children committed to the GLO.
Alan along with the Father
Mwaka is a defensive young girl probably due to the tough situation and little parental support given to her. Since her mother died in March 2010 she has been a mother to Kanoti and will strongly defend him in any situation, they are always found together with Mwaka looking out for Kanoti.
Kanoti aged 7 years old
The "House" where the children live
As Alan & Fred realised the children’s plight became even worse during the August school holidays of 2011, as Hope School had closed for the holidays the children were not getting their lunch, they visited Fred’s house daily begging for food.
Mwaka and Kanoti attending Hope Orphan School
After many long & tedious hours spent at the Children’s Department and Tonoka Children’s Court, Fred and Alan managed to get them committed to the GLO on 25th August 2011.
href=”” title=”Mwaka and Kanoti are committed to the GLO by The Good Life Orphanage, on Flickr”>Mwaka and Kanoti are committed to the GLO
On arrival at the GLO they discovered it was Keogh House Day. Mary & Sean Keogh who support this house celebrate their wedding anniversary on this day and it was decided that as the majority of the children have no idea what their date of birth is, all the children in Keogh House have a communal birthday on this day, Mwaka & Kanoti now live in Keogh House and received a small present on their arrival to celebrate this.
Mwaka and Kanoti arrive at the GLO
At first Mwaka and Kanoti were scared and over-awed by the amount of people greeting them and at all the activity that was happening during the Keogh party. However, we asked the pre-teen group (older children) to make an extra effort to make the children feel welcome as they had come from very tough backgrounds. Collins, Juma and Chebet made extra hard efforts and by evening time of that day they were so much more relaxed and happy.
New arrivals in Keogh House
A very special Thank You to Fred & Alan for their hard work and unfaltering compassion toward these children, they work tireless for the children who attend Hope Orphan School and we are happy to be able to help on this occasion.

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