This blog is written by Lauren (12 yrs old), James (11 years old) & Alexander (9years old) !!

The orphanage was the most amazing place to visit. It was simply the experience of our lifetime.
From the moment we landed and met Kevin and Mary we began to learn so much – kids collecting bottles from the tips by the roadside, homeless, the stench were rubbish had not been collected, the friendship offered by everyone we met. Everything was overwhelming that first morning but so interesting to see such a different country.
Alexander & James surrounded as usual
We spent a lot of time at the orphanage but already would love to go back again. The children are beautiful, the buildings are amazing and the facilities are brilliant. Remi the Headmaster at the school and Madam Mercy with Alan who ran the orphanage and each Mama & Auntie made us feel so welcome.
James & Frankie
On our second day the children did a presentation to thank Kevin and Mary for all their work. This was lovely to watch as it was the first time that the children had ever organised a party to thank them and it was such a special and emotional day for everyone.
Mama Jane leads the Pre-Teen Group
The children are all so happy. We all have favourites and we are sure that everyone who has been lucky enough to visit must fall in love with the place. We really did not know what to expect and whether they would play with us but from the moment we arrived to the day we flew home we had a great time – on the farm, at the school, in the houses, on the field and in the playground.
Frankie & Alexander
The children seem so happy and it was amazing being around them. It made us feel so happy and so lucky. In every house they welcome you, and offer you tea and biscuits. One thing that did stand out to us was the fact that when they had the tea there was no arguing like ‘its too hot’ or ‘I don’t like it’, they just simply sat there and said a prayer before their drinks and afterward they all helped to tidy away the plates and clear up. They stay sat at the table and don’t leave until they have asked to.
Cake Time at the GLO Party
We thought that the orphanage may be a sad place because each child has a sad story but the children are actually lucky to have such a safe place to live and learn, compared to outside the walls of this home that Kevin and Mary have built for them. We will definitely go back again one day and it was so hard to say goodbye.
Lauren, Alexander & James with Frankie who the Family Sponsor
Whilst we were in Africa we were also able to visit the feeding station on Sunday morning. This was a special time for us as we could see that the money we raised doing the 3 Peaks Challenge in the Summer was able to feed almost 1700 children that morning and provide them with some food for the week ahead. We worked hard giving out the food and drinks.
Donation to the Feeding Station
Alexander assists at the Feeding Station
There were so many children – babies to teenagers who came from the villages nearby and who had nothing. Many were starving, had jiggers and they simply sat and ate all the food quietly and then said their prayers. We found it hard to imagine that this may have been there only food for 3 or 4 days. Some of the children from the orphanage came with us and they realised how fortunate they were too, compared to these children.
James helps feed the children
Lauren helps at the Feeding Station
We were really lucky that we could stay with Kevin and Mary whilst we were in Africa and we had great times fishing and swimming with Kevin. He tried to water ski one day after Jamie had done it but we think he needs some more practice first!!! Our Dad was driving the boat so his acceleration probably didn’t help Kevin much. Kevin must have had a sore body the amount of times he fell over!!
A Not so successful day water skiing
We learned lots of new words with Kevin – he seems to know words that we thought were banned!! He took us fishing at 5am one morning and we cannot tell you what words he used when the fish kept escaping his line. Great fun and the best memories.
A Successful Day's Fishing
Kevin took us into the villages and jungle areas to meet families and experience real Kenyan life. When Jamie saw another boy of a similar age who had nothing at all, Jamie asked Kevin whether we could take the boy a football kit to cheer him up. The next day we went back again and he was so happy and proud to dress in a Man City kit!! (we couldn’t find a Liverpool one to fit him!).Jamie gave him his own socks and helped him get dressed. This was such a special memory for Jamie and Kevin to enjoy.
James gives his own socks
A new Football Kit & Football Boots
The villages and mut huts shocked us. Most families sleep on sandy floors, there is no heat, power or water. Whole families live in one room with the animals too. We found this hard to cope with some times as it seems so unfair. With some money we had left we bought a local family blocks so they could replace the mud walls.
Lauren visits James House
Lauren in a village house
James replaces his mud walls with blocks
Overall, we had a great experience. We were spoiled by Kevin and Mary and we cannot thank them enough. We will continue to help them as much as we can and have planned a Coast to Coast bike ride for next Summer to raise some more money for the orphanage. If you read this and can do anything to help Kevin with his next building then please do it.
Happy Christmas Everyone
Lauren, James, Alexander xxx

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