Changes in the new Kenyan Constitution mean CCI’s now have very strict guidelines to follow, hopefully this will mean an end to orphanages/homes/schools set up by unscrupulous people who take advantage of people’s good nature and use them as a means to extract money from people.
Children now arrive at the GLO with only a three year Committal Order from the Courts, in this time we have to either reunite the children with their extended family which is impossible as they would not be in a home if the extended families could take them in, the other option is to have the children adopted and if both these avenues fail only then can we return to the courts in three years time and apply the children to be committed for a further three years. With this in mind we have been working with Little Angels Adoption Agency and have found them very professional. We have also employed a new Social Worker George to assist in the process.

Mr and Mrs Kabaina

Our first potential adoptive family come from nearby Malindi, Mr and Mrs Kabaina have a home in Kakoneni.They have four kids,3 girls and 1 boy.The 1st born is a girl who is 26 yrs old, she has a university education and works in Nairobi.The 2nd one is a girl age 23 still in university and the 3rd a boy age 19 in secondary school and the last one is a girl age 17 who is in secondary school. They have always wanted another brother and Mr and Mrs Kabaina decided to adopt. Mr Kabaina is a businessman and Mrs Kabaina is a nursery nurse so its an ideal family for one of our children to become a part of.
After the initial approval stages the family visited the GLO and decided to start the process of adopting Jimmy who has been with us since he was a few weeks old. They attended weekly bonding sessions at the GLO where they were observed playing with the children and in particular how Jimmy reacted to the family.

Jimmy's Adoptive Parents

Then Jimmy went along with Auntie Mapenzi for the weekend, both Mercy & Auntie Mapenzi were very happy as the family are very loving and caring and can offer Jimmy a very secure future. As the reports were all very positive the next stage begun with Jimmy going to live with the family for a three month period.

Jimmy's New Home

Auntie Mapenzi & Jimmy

During this time Little Angels attend weekly session to see how Jimmy is fitting in and adapting to living in the family. All appears to be going very well and God Willing the final stage where the court grants the adoption is not too far off. The family’s only problem is Jimmy keep biting people at Church on Sundays but as our volunteer Laura know, Jimmy loves biting, they thought it was because Laura was a mzungu but we don’t think that is the case now!!

Mr &  Mrs Kabaina with Jimmy

It is very difficult for the staff, children, Kevin & myself to let go, Jimmy is part of the GLO family but we cannot offer him normal family life. There are many more needy children in Kenya but as the Little Adoption Agency Social Worker explained that as the children at the GLO are healthy and well cared for they will be adopted before sick and malnourished children so it looks as though Jimmy is the 1st but there will be more.

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