On Monday 9th January 2012 Mama Dommy prepared Derrick for his 1st day at St Bernadette & St Mary’s School.

Madame Pauline with Derrick

He is now enrolled in KG1 with Madam Pauline. Derrick is a happy boy, now in company of
many new friends at school and even in company of Maguire house kids, he is active,
healthy and playful boy.

Rachael, Derrick & Collins

Collins his older brother and Rachael his sister are so happy their family are reunited, here is an extract from an email Collins sent:
“Hello Mama Mary and Papa Kevin,
How are you? I think you are fine. Everybody at the GLO are fine .
We went to school on 3rd January 2012 . I am now in class five. I
want to inform you that Derrick is with us at the GLO. I am so happy
that I cannot explain. We have a social worker, his name is George
Ayieko THANKS”

Happy Family

Another happy outcome from the GLO !!!

At School

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