My name is George Ayieko Ahuba, named after my grandfather, the 4th born in the family of six boys, in 7th May 1982 at my rural home in Siaya county Western part of Kenya near Lake Victoria, from Luo Community. I hard balanced life both in rural home and in the city where my father was employed, at Agip Kenya limited, before the company withdraws from Kenyan market and sold the assets to shell company forcing my dad to early retirement in 2002. My dad went back to our rural home and started to farm and keeping of cattle but this is done using traditional method of farming depending on natural rainfall. My dad was Real African Man as they say here as he has more than one wife and my mother was his 1st Wife.

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I started my education at our rural home in 1991 while 8 years old because by then I was small and short and the school was far so my mother could not let me go at the required age hence I was delayed. After 9 years I was through with primary education and I joined High school, While in high school I joined geographical club and Young Christian Student (YCS) club, where I was an official, after 4 years i.e 2003 I did my exams. In 2005 I joined Mombasa Polytechnic University College where I graduated with Diploma in Automotive Engineering after three years, 2008,where I served as organising secretary to Engineering Student Society.

George & Moses

In 2008 I was pointed to be the patron of the Altar servers in our new parish in the slum which got new priest from St` Patrick`s Missionaries and named St` Patrick`s Catholic Church, Bangadesh. Bangladesh is a slum within Mombasa with a population of more than 50,000. In 2009 I was called in Asian company for employment but felt that only being paid a salary of Ksh 4500/= (£36) per Month, I preferred to volunteer my services to our church that help in creating awareness on human rights, importance of girl child education, Gender based violence, HIV/AIDS, etc to the local people with the help of local organisation “HAKI YETU” meaning OUR RIGHTS and Catholic Justice Peace Commission (CJPC) which I chaired for 2 years.

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In 2009, I was elected the secretary of the patron and matron of the missionary children in our deanery which consist of 9 parishes thus be in a committee that manages children affairs in the Deanery. In the same year I started my volunteer work with Community Base Health Care (CBHC) as Community Health Worker (CWH) in the Arch-Dioceses of Mombasa, we were trained on how to handle Orphan Vunerable Children (OVC), People affected with HIV/AIDS and TB and every Wednessday I was doing home visit to our client. In June same year I was among people selected by USAID APHIA II programme to help with orphan children in our parish.

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In November 2009 our Parish Priest Fr. Gabriel Dolan ask me if I could go to college and do Diploma in Community Development and Social Work because according to him I was doing good work hence need experience, which he helped me pay, May God bless him.In January 2010 I started part time class at MT. Kenya University for two years where I graduated with Diploma in Community Development and Social Work in November 2011. The year 2010 did not come with changes but more work, I was elected the secretary of Missionary children in the Arch-Dioceses of Mombasa and co-ordinator of the youths in the Mombasa west deanery for one year. In March 2010 I was among the 20 beneficiaries from Arch-Dioceses that were offered training in Certificate in Tauma Counselling by Amani Counselling Centre. This helped me so much since I was dealing with traumatised people that were affected with HIV/AIDS. I strengthen the support group of HIV/AIDS affected people which had 11 members with 1 man but after 18 months the number increased to 71 with 50 strong members, I drafted their constituition and got legal requirement and now are recognised with the relevant ministry of government. I enjoyed working with the children from our church and local where we organised for football competition, talks show. In April 2011 the assistant priest Fr. Nicky Hennity requested me to help him in doing research on drug and substances abuse within the region so as represent to Fr. Sean from Ireland who had experience on drug abuse, after 4 months Fr. Sean came and help as draft the document. Am very glad to say that the report was adopted by priest from Mombasa west deanery and from January 2012 the concept started with every church donating some money towards the project. Despite enjoying whatever I was doing it had challenges, my family members could not believe that after graduating from Engineering Field I end up volunteering with nothing at the end of the month. I needed to find employment which paid a salary and as we say in Kenya ” God is Good” ” All the time”, Father Dolan told me about a project just outside of Mtwapa that was looking for a Social Worker and he had recommended me to his very good friends Kevin & Mary Maguire.

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Even though I was not the most highly qualified applicant I was successful as I had much experience dealing with poverty and abused & neglected children. After passing interview in December 2011, January 2012 was my month to join The Good Life Orphanage in Mtwapa, Kikambala. Couldn`t believe that I was leaving my village. Since the 1st day of my visit to GLO these words has really inspired me Real hope needs firm foundation, actually firm foundation through love and protection is all the children need, guidance and counselling that help them understand themselves be responsible people in making right choices in life is what staffs, founders and donors tries to put for the children at the Good Life Orphanage so as to be loving, honest and responsible people.

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With St` Bernadette & St Mary’s School where the impoverished children from the community and the orphanage get their primary education we all have another reason to smile with education being key to better life. With the commitment in place from the founders and donors I feel this is a leading institution for the orphaned and abandoned children where they nurture their talents and have a better life.

Lorraine, George & a new member of the team x

With many people relinquishing in poverty we only need to understand on how we can get out of this hence why to further my education, degree on development studies, then create a resource centre within the orphanage where we can help the people around with information on their rights and development, so they can have a live instead of just surviving.

Blessing the Staff

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