As the majority of children entering The GLO do not know their date of birth, we decided in order for them to be able to celebrate this auspicious occasion that each family who named each house chose a special day in their family year for the children to celebrate a joint birthday. The Kilroe Family chose the 8th March as it is the the birthday of Tim Kilroe (R.I.P) who Kilroe House is named in memory of and by oh boy do the Kenyan contingent of the Kilroe Family know how to celebrate. The children all looked so smart and with Mama Tuta & Auntie Mapenzi in their new traditional dresses it was going to be a day to remember!!

Kilroe House

Mama Tuta, Mercy & Auntie Mapenzi

As with all celebrations the festivities kick off with Thank You Prayers, followed by singing and dancing. All the children just love to show their dancing skills with the younger children joining in from they are able to walk.

Paulo & Amanda

This is followed by a freshly cooked lunch of Pilau and juice, and then some much awaited cake. Keeping with Kenyan tradition, each child and member of staff from Kilroe House are dotted with the cake. As you can imagine cake is only given out on special occasions so each & every child savour the sweetness and then afterwards are full of energy thanks to the additives and colourings!!

George with the cake


After the pilau & cake have been eaten, Madam Mercy gives each child in Kilroe House a small present, all of which have been donated from the UK & Ireland. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces is priceless and this year little Nyevu who has only been with us for a few weeks was amazed when she received a dolly. It is the first time this little girl ever saw a doll never mind receive one as a present.


Papa Mzungu

Also this year was very special as Papa Mzungu attended the party and enjoy the celebrations and the very tasty Pilau.


Life is very precious and thanks to the generosity of our sponsor families we are able to make a difference to these children’s lives, we are very privileged to count the Kilroe Family as very dear friends and lifelong supporters of The Good Life Orphanage so it is our pleasure to all celebrate Tim’s birthday in typical Kenyan fashion.

Asante Sana from The GLO xxx

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