As the elections were held on Monday in Kenya and the schools are all closed this week, celebrating World Book Day was a quiet affair for the children at The GLO but they still managed to spend some time in the library enjoying the books we have on offer there.

So many to choose from

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and in particular Guardian Angels School Bury, The Neville Family, The Grundy Family & Mama Danielle Bonnington we have a good stock of all different books for different age groups. The children enjoy reading and also socialising whilst discussing the books with the other children.

Enjoying our reading

We also have an excellent Head Teacher in Mr Pius Muthoka who like Mama Mary is always using quotes from inspirational people to bring the message to life. The inspiring quotes in our library all relate to the importance of reading as both an educational tool and source of many hours of enjoyment.


It is easy to loose yourself in the book you are reading, you can become a pirate sailing on the high seas or a little girl lost in a wonderland. The older children at the GLO really appreciate this easy access to books and are always trying to just fit in an extra thirty minutes of reading at every opportunity.

Abduallah & Collins

In the words of Nelson Mandela “I was reading & I discovered that there was a world which I did not know, whose doors opened to me”, this is very appropriate for our children as many never saw a book until they entered through the gates but now realise what can be gained from spending time reading.

Mwaka chooses her book

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