The SBM Girls’ football team comprises of 25 players. The majority of them are from Classes 6, 7 & 8 giving them a mean age of 15 years old. The team was formed in January 2012 under the tutelage of Teacher Elizabeth as the coach.

Girls football team with Madam Elizabeth

The team trains from 2.30pm to 4.30pm every Friday and on some Saturdays at a neighbouring public primary school called Mtepeni, which is 30 minutes walk from our school. Thus,taking an hour walking to and back.

Happy Days

The girls enjoy their football and always look forward to the friendly matches which are organised on Saturdays against the neighbouring schools. It does not surprise us but the majority of the girls who play football in our school team also perform well in class. This goes along well with the adage “too much work without play made Jack a dull boy”.

Warm up

The girls face many challenges including the lack of soccer boot and a proper training ground near our school as Mtepeni Primary Training Field is a long walk and poorly maintained. A playing field around the school would not only benefit the students in the school but also the local community as many of the local youths would engage in games thus keeping them away from joining illegal groupings. The girls are also “going against the grain” as female football teams are very rare in the rural areas.

Warm up

Below are some of the excerpts from some players.

Hadija Nyale - Captain
Hadija Nyale-Captain
“Hadija Nyale is my name, am fifteen years old. I am in class eight. My nick name’s is Kasuku. I am playing position two (right defender) am also the team captain. I like playing football during leisure time ( when I am free) and also watch football game in our school.
I admire the way Steve Gerald works hard for his team-Liverpool. I want to be a good player in Kenya and other countries. Football makes my body fit”.

Game on
Margaret Matumbo-Midfielder
“My name is Margaret Matumbo aged 16 years old. I am in class seven. I like playing football in my school and spectators call me ‘machine’. and I like position six as Midfielder.
I like football because I am talented in it. Moreover it is my favourite game furthermore I’m interested in it. My ambition is to become a player like Yaya Toure or John Obi Mikel. I want to become famous footballer in the world. Football makes me meet new friend”.

Amina Idi   - Goalie
Amina Idd-Goal keeper
“My name is Amina Idd. I am sixteen years old. I am in class eight, the game I like is football, am the goal keeper. I like watching Joe Hart,the Man City goalkeeper. One day I want to be like him. The position which I play is number one, I like football because it is common in the world and you can educate your life and also if you have a competition and you performed well you can earn a living. And if you doesn’t have a job you use a certificate so that you can get a job.
My role model is Man city goalkeeper in future I want to go to Europe. I want to better my life”.

Khadija Boti
Khadija Boti-Striker
“My name is Khadija Boti. I am thirteen years old. I am in class five. My nickname is Khaj B. My position number is nine. I like football because this is my talent. Am play football powerful to succeed in my life. I like watching Robin Van Persie of Manchester united. Later on I want it to be my work in life God willing. In God I trust”.

Grace Kenga
Grace Kenga-Defender
“My name is Grace Kenga am fifteen yeas and in class seven. Am a defender, I play number five. I like playing because it makes my body, mind and soul fresh. When at the back I make sure no one scores my side. I dream that one day I will play in England clubs. My best team is Arsenal.”.

Girls Football Team

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