In November this year I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Good Life Orphanage again, exactly one year on from when I visited last. This time is was very much a flying visit, but was nonetheless special.

Mercy, Beth & Mary

I arrived in Mombasa from Nairobi, and was again reminded of the searing heat of the east coast of Africa. As we made our way to the little blue topped building in the middle of the Mwtapa forest, I could see excited faces peering through the gate. I was very aware the children haven’t many visitors this year, it was so apparent in their excited greetings when I got to the Orphanage (or maybe they were just really pleased to see me!) I was first greeted by lovely Saidi who, as he was last year, smiling from ear to ear.

Beth & Saidi

Madame Mercy and the wonderful team at organised a welcome party and I had the pleasure of listening to some of the children sing songs and Rachel made the most beautiful speech. There was lots of dancing, which all the children through themselves into and enjoy so much. The Mammas and Aunties cooked a special lunch and we had a great time!

Mary welcoming Beth

What struck the most was how grown up the little babies were now. Little Mary, who last year waddled around taking her first steps is now a bonnie little girl, dancing her heart out. Her brother Raymond, a year ago could only communicated with me with thumbs up and hi-fives, was now able to talk to me fluently in English about school. And Kevin, who has cerebral palsy, was moving across the dance floor at speeds I never witnessed in 2013.

Karibu Beth

Each of these children represent the care all of the children at GLO receive. The love to encourage the babies to grow into chatty, happy toddlers. A free education to equip the children with skills for life beyond the orphanage. And vital medical attention for special needs children who otherwise would be ignored by society.

Beth with Mary, Eamon & Brenda

Having seen them all again a year on the amazing progress of all the children is staggering. They are, healthy, polite, well educated and happy. I’m incredibly blessed to have seen these wonderful children again and had such an incredible welcome, and hope that more people will be able to visit in 2015 so the children can show you their dance moves too!

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