Shainuru is a young girl of about 4.5 years old who joined The GLO together with his brother Nuru who is a young boy of about 3 years. They come from a family of three children and the first born child is a boy of twelve years old. They were referred to GLO from Kikambala Rescue Centre. It was explained by Lina Tsuma Ngoma who is the Manager of the said rescue centre that the father of the two siblings died in 2013 after suffering a very complicated disease. He died during a visit to Tanzania where he had gone to seek treatment from a traditional doctor and was buried there. Sadly people living in many East Africian countries still believe in the powers of the Witch Doctor.

Living conditions for the children

After the mourning period was over their mother returned to her original home in Kikambala with the three children where she stayed there for some time with her extended family but it was not an easy time for the children. The mother suddenly disappeared leaving three children under the care of an ageing grandmother who ekes a living by selling mnazi & has a serious drinking problem.

Their house has fallen down

The neighbours highlighted the plight of the children to the local authorities. The roof of the house had fallen in and all the children were living in terrible conditions with no parental care as such. This was quickly identified and after assessment the two children were found more vulnerable because of their young age. They were then placed in Kikambala Rescue Centre who carried out investigations to try to locate the mother but to no avail.

Madam Mercy picks Shainuru & Nuru up from the Rescue Centre

Madam Mercy picked up the children who seemed very quiet but after one day in O’Malley House both children are doing well and are settling into life at The GLO. This week the children will be assessed at St Bernadette Mary School and on Monday they will be joining this wonderful school.

The two new children join O'Malley House Family

Thanks to the ongoing support we receive, we are able to step in when children are vunerable and give them the security of a place they can call home where they receive three meals daily, a loving respectful environment to grown up in and a good standard education to help make them into well balanced content young adults.

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